Namibia the Undiscovered Jewel of Africa

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Namibia’s landscapes are not what you expect to find in Africa, and Namibia is exposed to the mercy of elements.
Namibia is a country of contrasting landscapes ranging from the world’s oldest desert to rugged mountains, dense woodlands, open plains and a bleak and eerie coastline. Namibia is dominated by the oldest desert, the Namib Desert, where the world’s highest sand dunes march firmly towards the sea in a dune field 300 km wide.

The Skeleton Coast, Fish River Canyon, Damaraland, Kaokoland and the diamond-producing Sperrgebiet, too, are vast expances of silent, unspoilt wilderness. As a result, Namibia’s fascinating plant and animal life is equally varied. Yes, despite Namibia’s hostile environments, Namibia is home to a wealth of African animals and birds. It is easy to see it at Etosha’s magical waterholes or at one of the many game farms.

The cities in Namibia are clean and modern, with fully developed infrastructure. Windhoek, the capital, is situated among the rolling hills of the central highlands. Windhoek is as sleek as any European city.
Namibia’s premier holiday town Swakopmund is a pleasant coastal resort. Swakopmund looks like a town cut out of South Germany or Austria and put in Namibia next to the Namib Desert.
Quite by contrast are communities in the far north, where life has not changed for hundreds of years. The traditions of the magnificent Himba and the Bushmen of the Kalahari survive in these unyielding landscapes.

So please consider Namibia as a good alternative for the next vaccation or the next trip of the year! You will not regret it. Namibia is really worth all Your attention.